Saturday, July 18, 2009

Collection FW2005: Rives Fertiles

I wrote, last week, about this design,  yet this is an exceptional colour combination that deserves a separate mention. "Rives fertiles" ("fertile rivers") pays tribute to the River Nile and the countless lives it enriches as it carves its way to the Mediterranean (proof of the Egyptian reference is the pyramid in the lower right hand corner of the design.

The designer, Christine Henry, has already made her mark with many other intricate and very detailed patterns, but this one remains one of my all-time-favourite. 

Note that the style is similar to the post of two weeks ago - the same attention to detail, the same delicate drawings as in "people du vent" - yet while the former has a distinct East European folkloric motif, this one elevates beyond cultures to become a timeless masterpiece.  

It ties beautifully and the colours are simply sublime (the marine border reminds me of the deep colours of the Black Sea waters while the hues of burgundy, dark orange and pink are warm and soothing).


  1. I don't like it that much really.... I find it too busy

  2. Hello Elena Sandra,

    It's wonderful to hear from you again and great to have earned your loyal patronage. I feel inspired when you visit the site and take an active intereest in the articles.

    Give this design a chance. Check out the details of the pattern - I think you'll recognize how rich in meaning it is. I'll seek an opportunity to post a picture of this scarf knotted, I am confident you will find it appealing!