Saturday, June 13, 2009

Collection SS2009: Les folies du ciel

This is a scarf that caught my attention first because of its interesting colour combination - bright orange hues on a white background - suggestive of the "blank canvas" concepts beloved by all entrepreneurs and inventors. Indeed, this scarf is a tribute to all pioneers who not only dreamt of flying machines, but also proceeded to realize their dreams, despite the odds of success. The tone of this scarf is not only of being mesmerized by the limitless power of the human imagination, but also of nostalgia, for those times immemorial of modest beginnings when the concept of aviation was in its infancy - a novelty reserved for a select few who could enchant the on-lookers and spur the imagination of countless others. The spirit of this design dissipates when the scarf is knotted, yet this is another one of those memorable designs that deserve a prominent display in a study or an intimate room where the thoughts are allowed to wonder.

This is a reissue of a "classic", although realized in more contemporary tones (the previous designs featured a contrasting fading border, which now makes it look a little antiquated).

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