Saturday, May 30, 2009

Collection SS2009: H en Voyage

A very witty design that captivated my attention, the "H en voyage" depicts two stacks of suitcases linked between by other and forming the very distinguished "H". What I particularly love about this design is the depth of the picture - the impression of perspective - rendered by the lines that converge in the middle (the design features the square tile motif, also known as the "checkerboard floor" - one of the oldest and favourite methods of depicting and illustrating the vanishing point - which turn into little "H's" as they get farther away; by the same token, these lines reminisce of train tracks, a fitting allusion given the suitcases).

The other interesting aspect, not immediately apparent in this particular colour combination, is that the outer border is not the same hue of mustard yellow - instead, two sides are lighter while the other two are darker. This difference in colours complements well the design when the scarf is knotted, balancing the otherwise potentially monotonous pattern of parallel lines. This design was issued as "vintage-style" scarf (70cm x 70cm).

Befitting the "vintage" label, the design is deemed solar - from a focal point in the very centre of the scarf, the images reach out towards the edges, like solar rays.  This design technique was very common since the beginning of Hermes' venture into scarves, and had been followed until 1960s, when new design techniques had been explored and adopted.

I'm not very fond of the grid-like background, which renders the pattern of the knotted scarf too geometric, but it's a very interesting and refreshing design, which I admire very fondly each time I look at it.

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