Saturday, September 20, 2008

Collection FW2005: A Walk in the Park

I've been aware of this design for a long time now, and was ecstatic to come across a picture of it earlier this year. The reason why I find it appealing is threefold: for one, I live in Canada, where the maple leaves (featured on this scarf) are a national symbol. Second, the plum background is a very rich colour that appeals to me. Finally, I love the way the design is very discreet when the scarf is worn. Very elegant, indeed.
The colours in this picture are not quite accurate, as most of the leaves feature brighter autumnal shades of yellow, orange and red. But it gives you a sense as to how peaceful this scarf is, indeed deserving "A Walk in the Park" title, by - who else? - Leigh P. Cooke.
I was disappointed by two recent designs that this person created - "A vos crayons" and "Berries", which were created in the same style of apparent random position yet the former featured the pencils perpendicular cu the sides, which made it less than appealing when worn (although it did feature pencil sharpening shavings in the middle, which were totally cute!), whereas the latter was just too busy for my liking. The designer's return to the values intrinsic in this scarf, in 2009, with "Winter Walk", is encouraging as it depicts more outstanding and mesmerizing designs. A review of that design should follow shortly.

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