Saturday, December 4, 2010

Les Ballets Russes

I am absolutely ecstatic to say that I managed to acquire tickets to the Mariinsky Ballet troupe's performance of the Swan Lake, scheduled for the beginning of March 2011 in Toronto (this is a treat I allowed myself for my upcoming birthday).   The Mariinsky Ballet is a classic ballet company company based at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.  Founded in the 18th century and originally known as the Imperial Russian Ballet, the Mariinsky Ballet is one of the world's leading ballet companies. Internationally, the Mariinsky Ballet is most commonly known by its former Soviet name the Kirov Ballet, a title which is still used by the company when touring.  So you can imagine my excitement at the prospect of seeing the leading ballet company in the world in Toronto.

While "Les Ballets Russes" ("Russian Ballets") is a tribute to the artistic grace that this specific troupe elevated to the level of sublime through their performances (the best known dancer was Anna Pavlova, renowned the world over).  So I couldn't think of a better scarf design to express my own enthusiasm and pay tribute, in my own modest way, to the joy that ballet, as an art form, brings me.

It is a spectacular scarf, rich in meaning and - delightfully - energetic.  It manages to capture our imagination in a very harmonious way, captivating us with the stories the dancers are conveying strictly through body movement.  Indeed, graceful would be the only way to describe their art of communication.

This scarf ties truly wonderfully, and is a joy to wear for anyone with an appreciation for dancers, in general, and ballet performers, in particular.

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