Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Collection FW2009: Winter Walk

Hermès has released another design for the Fall/Winter 2009 season from my favourite designer, Leigh P. Cooke, yet the scarves themselves, for the most part, have failed to captivate me. My first reaction was that of excitement at Cooke's creation, particularly in light of the organic theme (leaves and fruit), yet on closer inspection, it depicts a static moment, and the texture of the leaves, craftfully depicted otherwise, suggests mature branches in a state of abandonment, perhaps fallen and spread across the sidewalk due to the changing of seasons. It also carries my thought and imagination to nature past the moment it peaked, after the autumnal rich harvests and blossoms - hence a rather serious, collected stance mood. The creative aspect and ingenuity are definitely noted. The one colour (depicted) that stirrs me is the baby pink one. Perhaps other colours may give away a different impression once they're knotted ? I saw a taupe background variation, so I'm quite eager to check it out when it becomes available.

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  1. the pink and blue are just gorgeous, they look so "baby" like so delicate and sweet