Saturday, September 27, 2008

Collection SS2008: Mosaique au 24

I love this design, and yet I find it difficult to envision it worn regularly as a scarf - hence my hesitation to acquire one. But the mosaic display carries me back to the Roman days, and the exquisite art resulting from laying tiny pieces of rock or crystal displaying the craftsmen's both vision and skills (and patience). What appealed to me in particular was the illustrated "unevenness" of the pattern in this scarf, reminding us that laying mosaic tiles is a true form of art. Finally, the design "dissipates" towards the edges, a clear indication of the passing of even the greatest of civilizations. The introduction of this design has coincided with the re-opening of Hermes' flagship boutique at 24, rue du Foubourg St.-Honoré ("24 FSH" for short), following the renovations of the premises. It was then incorporated in the 2008 spring/summer collection.


  1. it's beautiful! and the association with the ancient Romans, indeed you are so right

  2. This twill ties beautifully and the contrasting hem makes it all the more special. One of my personal favorites.

  3. I have this & when foled in a bias fold, the centre H displays on a lovely angle while the ends show the colours & hem beautifully. I love this for a simple wrapped wear.