Saturday, March 26, 2016

Collection SS2016: Mythiques Phoenix Coloriages

The legendary phoenix, mount of the gods, is a gigantic, fabulous bird, thought to live for hundreds of years before consuming itself in flames, to be reborn in a nest of myrrh and incense.  The ancient Greeks associated its name (phoinix) with the date palm, a symbol of fertility and longevity. 

The creature seems to emerge from the centre of the carrĂ©, surrounded by the date palm’s foliage and fruit.  Transformed by its new colour treatment, the composition resembles a sophisticated colouring book.  Like an allegory of re-birth, colour takes its place around the central bird of paradise.  Already, the head is flooded with colour and new life.  Gradually, black and white give way to an inrush of colour.  The phoenix rises from the ashes.

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