Saturday, November 14, 2015

Collection FW2015: Le Potager Extraordinaire

Like the island of Lilliput, discovered by Lemuel Gulliver in the course of his extraordinary Travels, as related by Jonathan Swift, the inhabitants of Pierre-Marie’s imagined city are ‘lilliputian’ (tiny) indeed. 

The design presents the delightful spectacle of their daily lives. In this childlike world of transformations and metmorphoses, a vegetable garden becomes a complex city inhabited by creatures identical to ourselves in every way, but who are no more than an inch or two in height. Flowing with water thanks to an ingenious irrigation system doubling as a water-slide, the city’s dwelling-places are clearly named: cucumis melo (a melon), foeniculum (a fennel bulb) or cucurbita maxima (a pumpkin)... Take time to look around – there are surprises and delights at every turn. Lovers meet in the shade of a grove of leeks, a man sits meditating at the heart of a lotus-shaped artichoke, a marrow is cut to form a car, and a minuscule duo set to work slicing a radish with a two-handled saw…

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