Saturday, June 13, 2015

Collection SS2015: Bride de Cour

The former stables at Schloss Nymphenburg, in Munich, house one of Europe’s finest collections of classic carriages, covering the 17th to the late 19th centuries.  

Here are children’s traps and Imperial coaches, formal Berlins, horse-drawn sleighs and richlydecorated dog sleds, together with sumptuous bridlery, each piece more beautiful than the last.  Highlights of the collection include the extravagant carriage of King Ludwig II of Bavaria – a riot of gilded sculpture - and the coronation coach of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII of Germany, complete with its harnessing.

Inspired by the Nymphenburg collection, this carré features a bridle and saddle cloth decorated with a courtly array of embroidered velvets, golden tassels, finely-worked buckles, braids and embossed leathers.

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