Saturday, November 22, 2014

Collection FW2014: Ex-Libris à Carreaux

Interesting pattern?  You bet !

Magic Knot?  You bet !

Cotton fabrics in warm colours – named for Madras, the Indian city where they originated – blend here with tartans of every hue and shade, and a checkerboard of multicoloured squares. 

The motif, with its play of straight lines and right angles, contains a thousand variations on a constant theme. In multiples of eight, ten, twenty, the lines become thinner and thicker, running parallel or criss-crossing in infinite combinations and colourways, adding further depth and complexity. Some have been chosen here to interlock and combine in circles, straight lines and curves. The composition engenders a motif dear to the house of Hermès: the famous Ex-Libris, squared.

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