Saturday, November 15, 2014

Collection FW2014: Brides et Gris-Gris

Buckles, riding-crops, finely-decorated head-pieces, bridles, reins and snaffle bits… From the outset, the house of Hermès has celebrated the art of bridlery, contributing to elevate it to the noble status it deserves. Each piece, from the simplest to the most complex design, demands faultless expertise for the well-being of mount and rider alike. Drawing on this rich repertoire, Virgine Jamin offers a contemporary take on these timeless motifs, a spiralling portrait of rings and plaits… Leaving nothing to chance, the silhouettes of some of the house’s iconic objects have been added to the mix in the form of leather fobs or lucky charms – a little horse, a stirrup, a tall riding-hat, finished with the inimitable saddle stitch.

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