Saturday, January 10, 2015

Collection SS2015: A l'Ombre des Boulevards

A wonderful tribute to Paris, "In the Shade of Boulevards" transports the admirer to one of the iconic elements of Parisian life: its Grands Boulevards (and with the winter blues dragging on, one cannot think of a better way to enjoy the memories - or aspirations - of discovering Paris on foot.

This is also very fitting for the Hermes theme for 2015: Flâneur Forever or Invitation à la flânerie - that is, invitation to stroll around aimlessly but enjoyable, observing life and his/her surroundings.

Streets have had, since ancient times, a dual function: economic and social; streets were both a practical solution to moving about and a conduit to pleasurable strolls.  As streets became defined by the people and businesses that occupy them, some became very appealing thanks to the spectacles they offered: elegant people, bohemian people, storefronts or buildings.

Travellers observe locals go about their business, enjoying both the time and place so well anchored in the Parisian life.

Take a stroll through this carré and lose track of time along the Grands Boulevards.

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