Saturday, April 9, 2016

Collection SS2016: Parcours sans Faute

The beloved Florence Manlik, whom we introduced in 2011 with the beautiful Brides de Gala en Finesse and again last year with A la plume, is proposing a new design, quite a departure from her previous designs.

The motifs, and the ‘clear round’ of the title of Florence Manlik’s composition, celebrate the equestrian heritage of the house of Hermès.  Bits, riding crops and curb chains are orchestrated with extreme precision in a seemingly endless design that has no discernible beginning or end. 

The carré reflects the fascination and excitement of show jumping, says the artist: "The straight lines, curves and repeated figures embody discipline and structure, and the shifting pace of acceleration and restraint, culminating under the spectators’ excited gaze, in a magnificent, thoroughly deserved victory".  

A tribute to one of the equestrian world’s greatest challenges, over a course memorized by horse and rider alike down to the last centimetre, and the tips of their hooves and boots.

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