Saturday, January 8, 2011

Collection SS2011: Nuées Imaginaires

Upon close inspection of all of this season's designs, this is, without a doubt, my most favourite.  Just as I have been in awe with most of Leigh Cooke's designs, I have come to appreciate, admire and adore some of this artist's beautiful creations.

Christine Henry, the creative force behind today's design, has a unique gift of rendering images with the power of carrying us into far-away lands - taking us on a voyage to the gates of an Indian palace), offering us magical glimpses into the life along mystical rivers (in "Rives fertiles"), or uncovering for us the core of our world (in "Axis mundi").  Having taken us to discover earthly scenes, this season she is elevating us - with gentleness and grace - to a heavenly place ... quite literally.  

In "Nuées imaginaires" ("Imaginary clouds"), the designer reveals for us a magic world where fantastic creatures, born out of our rich imagination, live in perfect harmony - with each other and with the world.  The creation - true to the artist's signature style - is a snapshot at a given time, a depiction that is fixed in time and space yet where the viewer can detect, indeed "feel", the energy of every scene.  

Each scene is a reflection of an individual dream whose details we can recognize even long after we opened our eyes - like a sun ray coming from a high-above window that reveals the detail of a story encaptured in the mosaique down below.  Together, the scenes make an ensemble that reveals before our eyes like a beautiful lyrical composition, an opera in which the story is captured and enriched with every area that enchants the listener and that continues to linger in the audience's mind long after the courtain has fallen.The colours of most of the scarves in this design are very vibrant and well-defined, as we experienced in her more recent creations - an element of design that makes for a very youthful scarf.  

Overall, this design renders the scarf very sophisticated, if somewhat mature in this regard - and only a person with a strong character and personality will find it appealing.

In blue, this scarf is phenomenal for the discreet orange accents (both the border as well as select details of the design).  The other aspect of this scarf that I find particularly appealing is the combination of blue and grey as its predominant colours.  Very very chic !


  1. Hello Costin, beautiful post! I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your insight into the beautiful designs. I like this scarf a lot, the knotted picture doesn't say skies but water.

  2. Hello Natalia,

    Thank you for taking the time to write, and for your loyal patronage !

    The impression of water you got from the corners of the picture was given by the irregular shapes along the edges of the scarf. As clouds are in effect formations of water vapours, the allusion to water is only fitting for "imaginary clouds".

    Interestingly, water has been the theme of one of Christine's previous designs (the 2005 "Rives fertiles"). The free-flowing design is one of her uniquely personal drawing style of late.

    If you decide to enhance your accessories collection with this scarf, I'd love not only to know which colour you picked, but also to see a shot of you wearing it (which I could include in this post - with your permission, evidently).