Saturday, May 29, 2010

Collection FW2010: Très Kelly

This design caught my attention not so much for the actual theme as for the freshness of the design despite its reminiscence to "Bolduc", a scarf issued in 1983 and reissued many times since, in different sizes and on different materials, to great success.

"Très Kelly" ("Very Kelly") is a tribute to the iconic element of the Kelly bag, and of many other successful Hermes bags: the leather straps (they are paired, one from each side) that secures the bag shut.  Kelly is, of course, the name attributed to one bag model that the late Princess Grace Kelly carried.  She was pregnant at the time and when confronted by a group of paparazzi, decided to keep the pregnancy away from their peering eyes so she covered it with her bag.  This is the legend that saw the bag's baptized "Kelly" and gave birth to a cult around the world.  

Unlike the "Bolduc" (which featured the object that gave its name to the scarf design - the thin ribbon used to tie gift boxes), "Très Kelly" features one element, absent from previous designs, that heightens the interest in this design: the metal clasp of the two leather straps - an element that breaks the monotony of the design by adding variety along the lines of the straps themselves visually, both by way of a different pattern (albeit discreet) and of a different colour (in that sense alone, the apparent randomness of the individual clasps reminds me of the flight of countless insects - be it ants or bees).

When knotted, the scarf illustrates the pattern in much the same way as the Bolduc scarf does, except the element of fetish here - the leather strap and the metallic clasp - confer this scarf a stronger, more confident personality, traits that the person who wears it (uniquely suited for both men and women) is likely to share.


  1. I really like this, I think it would look great wrapped around my bag. It's very fetishy lol

  2. I know, it reminds of Helmut Newton's perception and devotion to the cult of Hermes, and how he stated that for him, the House's 24, FST head office is the luxury interpretation of fetishes: leather items, including clothing and saddles, whips, lashes... his photo of the model, photographed in Hotel Raphael in Paris, on her four, dressed in leather and wearing a saddle on her back is (in)famous - provocative, sensual and unforgettable !

  3. I am looking forward to seeing this design IRL. Thanks for the info and thoughts on it!

  4. It's very chic and distinct without being ostentatious - perhaps the ideal description of true luxury ? I'm curious to hear your impressions, S.A. Do share, please. And enjoy !

  5. An interesting thing I read - the straps are actually arranged in the pattern of the streets of Paris.

  6. Hello Lola, and thank you for adding sparkle to this design. Yes, the straps do mirror Parisian streets, with the most significant "knot" suggesting the "l'Arc de triomphe", also referred to as "de l'etoile", for its twelve arteries spreading out like the rays of a shining star. Well done, and thank you again for your kind comments. I hope to have the pleasure of your visits and impressions again, in the very near future.