Saturday, May 23, 2009

Collection SS2009: De Madras à Zakynthos

Continuing the review of this season's collection is an interesting depiction of a turtle in its gracious "flight" underneath the ocean waves, in a sub-aquatic world that's deceptively peaceful.  

This scarf not only encompasses the exotic destinations of far-away lands, but also beautifully reminds us of the cycle of nature and the many sacrifices mothers make to give birth and care for their young.  "De Madras à Zakynthos" ("from Madras to Zakynthos") retraces the unbelievable journey that the nearly extinct Caretta Caretta sea turtles undertake from the Maldives islands, where they live, to their native lands, in the Greek islands, to lay their eggs. Simple in its composition, the design illustrates a single turtle, in an apparent swimming state, "crossing" the scarf from one corner to the opposing one. I find this design very busy and I would recommend it only to those of us who can sport animal prints - such as leopard - symbolic of their courageous and untamed spirit.


  1. I love it, I love the animal print, it's so classy on this scarf, I love the coloring, the simplicity and the wilderness

  2. Dominik Jarlegant is a great designer.
    It really is a unique piece.

  3. Thank you Alexander - not only for taking the time to write, but also for sharing your appreciation both for the designer and for this scarf. I will seek to enhance my knowledge of Dominik Jarlegant's artistry shortly.