Saturday, April 25, 2009

Collection FW2006: Les Toits de Paris

This scarf is an absolute delight to study and discover because it depicts something as uniquely identifiable and as intimate to every city as any recognizable tourist attraction: the skyline, or more appropriately the rooftops. Hermès skillfully depicted "les toits de Paris" ("the rooftops of Paris") with grace, wit and innocent playfulness: the apparent monotony of the rooftops is interrupted by domestic scenes, household lights and even the ubiquitous "friends" that have found comfort in the human beings' existence - birds, cats and even mice. I was somewhat disappointed with the way the scarf displays when knotted, because the playfulness (and the spirit) are lost, but it's nevertheless a scarf I'm very fond of.

The Hermes add, featuring this very scarf, is a beautiful picture of a girl, her hair wrapped inside the scarf, leaning on the window to le her face be carressed by the fairytale snow flakes, and looking out across what we can only anticipate to be the Parisian skyline.

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  1. it's very nice and "vintage" d'antan
    it's the kind of scarf I like but I would not buy