Saturday, November 28, 2009

Collection SS2007: Ballet Équestre

A night at the National Ballet of Canada reminded me of this truly spectacular design depicting scenes of equestrian ballet - in which the noble grace with which the horses "dance" is both fascinating and mesmerizing. The graphic composition is reminiscent of a drawing on a cartoon created by one of the Italian artists of the Renaissance (the first technique in executing a large-sized painting or fresco is to create a copy of the design on large sheets of paper, called "cartoons", based on which the artists would later transpose the image on the canvas or mural).

The scarf makes a wonderful knot as well, which would undeniably elicit the admiration of those who take notice and would stir the curiosity and imagination of those who admire it.

One of the earlier "drawings" created by Hubert de Watrigant, attests to his unique artistic vision and creativity and further strengthens his place as one of the best illustrators (and painters) of horses.

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  1. it's nice, although I'm starting to get a bit "bored" with the horse theme... however, it's a nice scarf