Saturday, October 11, 2008

Collection SS2007: Les Pavois

Another design that captured my attention and captivated my imagination is "Les Pavois" by Philippe Ledoux, a late long-serving and admired designer in the service of the Maison. A bit traditional, but beautifully combining tradition (flags) with contemporary (colours, for instance) in a very harmonious way !

First released in 1964 and reissued in 1990, this classic pattern has been reinterpreted most recently in 1998 by way of beautiful, contemporary and more relevant colours (such as the baby pink background, or a taupe, dark brown and mustard yellow combination)

What I find particularly spectacular about this design is the apparent dynamism of the image - rendered undoubtedly by the waving flags. A variation of this design with a baby pink background makes the entire "experience" softer yet equally dramatic. Other colours, particularly the darkers ones, I find to render this design into a more traditional scarf. I find it fascinating how the colour combination can have such a dramatic impact on the "feel" of a scarf.

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